Using multiple search engines in Firefox

Written the 2019/12/19 (ISO 8601 format) ~ 3 min.

I discovered this feature one year ago but it is a recent post from Le Hollandais Volant that shows me its huge capabilities. I was using until now the "complicated" way 😅

The efficient way

The easiest way to do so is to right click on a input form and clic on "Add a keyword for this Search". After you have choosen the beloved keyword, you can search with it in your search bar after inserting the choosen keyword.
If you use for example a lot the doc of the Rust standard library, you can add the search input as search engine.

Rust doc add keyword

Then add the keyword "docrust" for using this search bar.

Rust doc add search engine

For example, you can type something like docrust trim.
That's all. Fast, easy, great !

This tips works on every input as far as I see. So you can use it for a lot of things ! Here is a list with my examples of my daily life :

 "Search engine" Keyword 
DuckDuckGo  ddg 
Wikipedia (de)  wde 
 Wikipedia (en)  wen 
 Wikipedia (fr)  wfr 
 Wiktionnary (fr)  wiktfr 
Wiktionnary (de)  wiktde 
Wiktionnary (en)  wikten 
 Pons dictionnary (fr -> de) frde 
 Pons dictionnary (fr -> en)   fren 
Invidious (youtube proxy)  yt 
Youtube   youtube 
Urban Dictionary  ud 
 Unicode Tables  u
 Python doc   docpy 
 PHP doc  docphp
 Rust doc  docrust 
Mozilla Developer Network  mdn 
 Twitter  tw 
 StackOverflow ❤  so 
OpenStreeMap   osm 

The old (complicated) way

I don't know why but this method does only work on some search engine. The idea is to find the "3 dots" in the URL bar and it shows a menu with sometimes a "Add a search engine" options. So add it 😃 Illustration of the menu with the 3 dots
Then go to the page about:preferences, in the search menu and scroll to "One-Click Search Engines".

Here is an example of some added search engines with associated keywords : Illustration of the One-Click Search Engine menu

Well, the first way is definitely the best. Happy fast searching ^_^

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