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Another post about writing

Maybe I am overthinking writing. I discovered Blog writing for developers by Robin Moffatt and it matches me:

Firstly, I like to share information. […] The second reason that I’ll write is to learn about something. […] There are several pleasant side-effects from writing too. […] being known as that guy who wrote a really useful blog that helped others is still a really nice feeling.

Somehow I read more, a lot more than I write. I shared 29 resources on the shaarli instance this week (from Saturday 30th to the 6th of July). I miss writing on my blog since the Weblog posting month.

I write more TODO lists daily. It keeps my tasks and my focus clear. I can focus solely on one task then move to the next. This is perfect for the weekend because I can organize the free time. This is perfect for the week because I can offload these tasks when I am working.

I don’t use a bullet journal for years. I don’t feel the need anymore and I don’t want to dedicate time to it.

Writing Zettelkasten notes are cumbersome to me at the moment: it takes also too much effort. Maybe this will change over time, but for now I like to keep things organized in notes.

Sometime writing is like an achievement, other time it is a kind of meditation. It calm the mind and clear the thoughts.

One important thing is to keep things as much as possible as text. Why? Because there are so many arguments to do so. Hey linking is easy too. I crave since months for interoperability: I must be able to switch between software and it should work. Plain text make it happens, other formats such as JSON too.

As I write and read, I get ideas for the lyokolux.space domain on one side. On the other side I find small improvements for the blog especially. It will be time to get two types of links, as I am now linking more often.

Anyway I will reconnect to the web after my month away.