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The last post of WeblogPoMo and what's next

It’s satisfying to post every day of the month. Above all, to see his own ability to do it. In the end, there’s always something to write about.

As I like writing, I want to continue. So I’m heading for #100daysToOffload. The start date will be 1st May, 2024. The rythm of posting is now one blog post every three day (100 for 300 days). The count has 65 days off for rest or off-days. It can be definitely relevant for the long term. The first 31 days are done and publised actually, which pushes the ratio to (365 - 31) / 69, so one post every 4.8 days. That’s definitely doable!

I will be able to focus on more broader topic. Daily posting does not match lengthy article or one with experiments. So less daily writing and more in-depth articles will be my next move if I can.

Slash pages got my interest and I want to create some of them. Yey now there’s free time for it! Kind of one day a slash page, another day a blog post and the third a rest. We will see how this goes.

I’ll prioritize other ideas (hi PSES), but now I know I can write.