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Nothing but work

I worked a lot today, because there was a lot to do, quickly. Work-Life balance is sometimes hard, but the most important is this balance is balanced most of the time. So I’m writing a quick one tonight, because I’m beat.

The people around me find it hard to tell the difference between work and leisure time. From the outside, both are spent in front of a computer and a screen. People often say to me “Ah, but you’re working” when I’m in front of a computer. No, I’m not working, it’s a hobby. “Yes, but you’re programming, so you’re working”. No, I’m not paid for it because I do my thing. There’s a fine line between work and hobby as a web developer.

The majority of people don’t seem to have it. In reality, the confusion lies in the fact that the activity is the same: I drive a motorcycle because I’m a professional driver, I drive a motorcycle because I visit my family and I drive a motorcycle with my son. The activity is the same, but the purpose is different. One is work, the other is not.

Take the time to think about it. See you,