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Slashpages or a standard for the indie web

I’m fascinated by one of the latest discoveries. I think about it multiple times a day. First came the humans.txt, and now people start to gather /page-names created on websites. Why? Because it’s human and hand-crafted. Made by love and fun.

Robb Knight started with Shellsharks to reference them. He published slashpages.net to get common grounds and put it in a blog post. At the time of writing, the following pages are referenced:

Shellsharks added more pages on a mastodon comment

fLaMEd commented about a /slashes page that repertories every slash page. /pages or /slashpages can be relevant names too.

I add /humans.txt. A page related to /reviews can be created, or ones for each media /books, /movies, etc… We could also add a /travel for the different places we’ve been to. Robb Knight has a /projects page for the things he built, /notes for small notes. /explore is a human readable format of a /sitemap.xml grouped by topic. The /explore page group the slashpages and every other website resources.

Slashpages offer a lot of fun, building and experimentation. One page, one small project that can be maintained over time.