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URLs for blog posts

What are the common URL?

Let’s imagine you have a blog. You are posting on this saturday 17th mai 2024 “State of the HTML 2024”.

How the URL can be?

Note: I use the url path in the examples to make it short. So a URL https://blog.lyokolux.space/posts/2024-05-17-url-for-blog-posts will be shown as /posts/2024-05-17-url-for-blog-posts. The title of the blog is slugified in the URL.

The simplest url path is a counter or an id: /342. This id isn’t human readable. We want that though. /state-of-the-html-2024 can be the simpliest candidate. Sometimes you can encounter a shorten version of the title: /state-html-2024. The determoiners or short, unimportant words are removed.

Some people have other thing than blog posts, so they prefix them with /posts. Our state of HTML 2024 post would be reachable at /posts/state-of-the-html-2024.

Blogs often have categories or tags to group posts together. I wrote about categories and tags for blog to explain them from my point of view. They can also be found in the url: “

The publication date is also often mentioned. It can have a lot of format. They often follow the ISO 8601 order: Year, month, day. Some variations include only the year, some until the day.

I never saw hours or minutes in the URL.
Others put the date directly in the slug of the blog post: 2024-05-17-state-of-the-html-2024.

What to choose?

Well whatever you find attractive. I don’t know how this is relevant for SEO. I simply want myself to avoid URL clashes: having two blog posts with the same URL is wrong.

Another rule is Keep it simple, stupid! (KISS).

There are currently 0% chances I will write two posts with the same title on the same day. That’s why I came up with /yyy-mm-dd-blog-post-slug. I put the date before the post slug. I was not sure all the content is related to posts, so I prefixed it with /posts. Indeed I was right, because I added other navigation pages for categories and tags: /category/numerique/ or /tags/WeblogPoMo/.

That’s it, KISS /posts/2024-05-17-url-for-blog-posts
It works, fine and is human readable. Good.