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Doing something

I worked a lot today, not so productive but getting things done. There’s so many things to do, even on a website. It’s getting more important with a web app:

I am getting annoyed that I don’t use raw HTML tags anymore; it kept things simple. On the other side, I find components very practical. Simple ones are the best.

I am reading Just do Something from Caro’s blog in the meantime: there’s too many things to do! I way to solve this is to “make progress on literally anything” from Aaron Francis. But does it move things forward? I don’t know because I already spent too many times on useless stuff. I prefer small, clean goals like “write a blog post (about X) tomorrow” or “prepare registered letter for Ms. E”.

As I read some toot from Gavin Anderegg

It’s a great piece, and it reminded me how much I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s blog posts. There’s something that feels so much more personal about reading things people post to their own websites.

I share this feeling of getting lost reading on the web. I found your compliment generator. Funny!

WeblogPoMo posts can be read from the @Pomo@beep.town bot. Discovering new blogs is pleasant. MORE!

People toots on Mastodon are quite refreshing too! Two blogs today:

Both are added to the RSS feed list.

Hey I didn’t have a plan today, nor did I know what to write about. It came as my thoughts are running. Since yesterday I feel some kind of fatigue about writing. Let’s see how it goes.