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My drug of crawling the web

On July 29, 2023, I spent 5 hours browsing 14 personal sites I found thanks to a Mastodon post! Many blog posts are read while waiting for the train.

On the weekend of the 26-27 August, I used 6 hours of my weekend to reads blogs and classify their content to shaarli instance.

11 May, 2024, I accumulate 7000 public links on my Shaarli instance since 07 June 2019. My latest addition was seven hours ago.

I’m following 295 RSS feeds at the moment of writing, which represents a huge flow of information every day. I’m up to 150 items a day on it (except sunday). It increases by 1 or 2 RSS feed every week on average.

I have always 80 articles or blog posts I want to “read it later”. Well the amount varies from 30 to 120. Add 34 hours of podcasts, some books and currentyl 13 hours of video. Yes, the content got me. The list is growing slowly since three years. So there’s only one solution: sort it out.

I wonder if this is too much, if I spend too much time on it for too few gains. Would it be better to program things in Rust, or to simply write? Maybe to create content instead of consuming it.

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks I’m less addicted to reading everything. Maybe I’m suffering from FOMO. I want to build and practice more and more, rather than just reading stuff that I reuse at 1%. With this time spent I could built more websites than ever, or start new projects.

My interest has shifted to Rust at the moment, with the little project I’ve been developing. I added some CLI options with clap and moved the logic into a db.rs module today by the way. It’s time to build the API.