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Keeping the email storage under 10MB

I came across several organizations to manage my e-mails. Here’s the last simplest one I am using. The mailbox is not the right place to store everything. It’s the right place to send or receive messages.

I am currently using ProtonMail, and their system of folders and tags works great. I can get rid of them though. As emails often come with attachements, I can not easily find them in my main pCloud storage. Also, there’s a size limit for emails: I can’t put a lot of stuff in this mailbox.

I don’t need to store the mails over time, for example to forward them after 6 months. Export as .eml file or save them as PDF when it’s important.´, and forwaring is possible again. So there’s no reason to keep them in the mailbox. Easy.

I came up with a minimal email sort: an inbox for new messages and an archive to store some emails I can not move yet. The archive never reaches more than 5 emails: they are handled regularly, like reading the newsletter [Own your web](https://butto ndown.email/ownyourweb) from the buttonsdown.email site.

To facilitate exchanges, I have a category for draft emails and one for sent emails. This allows me to quickly find the latest things done outside of receiving emails. There are often no drafts, because the mails are quickly sent. However, “sent” e-mails remain in the mailbox for a long time, until I clean them out after 3 months.

I had for some time two more folders: Documents and Ongoing. “Documents” can easily be removed by putting the resources in the main storage, and “Ongoing” remained for current exchanges. This one can also be deleted, and ongoing stuff moved to archive. No folders needed anymore.

It keeps my email easy to manage. Inbox, Drafts, Sent & Archive. That’s it.