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Other advantages of using a password manager

Password managers have other advantages than storing and using credentials. I’ve been toying with the idea for weeks.

At a glance, it lists all my accounts, which is very practical. I know I have exactly 150 accounts. I know what my accounts are. Grocery stores? Media accounts? I can list them. Why should I? It’s useful to know that I have an account when I log on less than once a year. This list is also useful for a later point.

All deleted accounts can also be known. So I know which accounts I have since I use a password manager. I simply move these deleted accounts into a dedicated folder or group. I’m able to say “I had an account 8 years ago, which I deleted 2 years ago”. That can be handy.

Ultimately, it stores more than just accounts and credentials. Notes are associated with credentials. They are useful for storing recovery codes (mainly for Github and Gitlab). Each login can have an expiry date. It can list weak or expired passwords. When was an account created or modified? When was the last access for login? It’s particularly useful to know how long an account has existed, as an argument, or to get to know things better: I’ve been a customer for 9 years!

I recommend KeepassXC, which meets my needs. A file needs to be synchronized between different devices and it’s ready to go. On the other hand, all the other features are provided, and more. It integrates easily with web browsers and smartphones. I would gladly help someone for it, as it provide much security and safety online.

These features make me aware that password managers have more GDPR features that first thought. Hey I am still reaching 300 words on this improvised post.