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Reading: Mastering Vim Quickly: From WTF to OMG in no time

I already had experiences since one year with Vim; but I didn’t put real effort to be efficient with my beloved text editor.

The newsletter “Mastering Vim Quickly”, which I read since weeks, give overviews of the content of the book and different tips. So with the black Friday, I have bought a digital version and read it. This book showed me how vim works and how to get efficient.

This is my first major step to become a Vim Ninja and to turn Vim+Bash into a efficient IDE.

Mastering Vim Quickly : An easy and rich reading

Well I have to admit: this book is well written. Concise enough to get to the point and it shows the most important know-how to be independant with Vim. There is a lot of content, no doubt about it; even if I want more :)

From basics command for file editing, modes, multiple file editing (Hi netrw <3), vimrc, folding and other topics; it covers every aspect needed to be efficient with the least effort.

It shows that a lot of plugin are unecessary too: they can be avoided (hi NerdTree).

At the end, some productivity tips are given. It is not always what I wanted (or I already knew it), but it has shown me some possibilities and the power of Vim.

Not enough to become a Vim Ninja

However, more knowledge is necessary to be more effective than Visual Studio Code IMHO. Thus this book is not a magic potion; but the best starter to get skilled. It saves a lot of time and this is the most important with this book: it avoids all the initial confusion of vim. It brings you where you want to be : confortble with the tool.

Road to Vim Ninja: all the way

So I read it now, I need to learn more about vim because this tool is so powerful. But like Lego, everything has to be built or at least set up. So I will share my experiences with you throughout the adventure :)

As people I respect says : “the road is long but the way is free”. It is true for vim.

PS : Always a pleasure to have an IDE starting in 0.15 seconds with all the plugins 😃